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Meet The Team




Founder / Chocolatier

Car came to Canada in July of 1952 as a boy of 10 years. Along with his older siblings, Cor was soon put to work in helping to establish the family in Canada.

Educated through the Canadian school and College system he would soon establish himself as a technical and sales professional and built his reputation in the manufacture and sales of food production and packaging machinery systems. His knowledge of food processes and food handling requirements brings valuable expertise to Dutch Boys Chocolate.

On the creative side, Cor studied with World Master-Carver Robert Ptashnik to further develop his wood carving abilities to become an award-winning professional carver able to hand carve the numerous unique patterns required for mould making.

Retirement however did not suit Cor’s enthusiastic creative spirit and after meeting Henry who had similar thoughts about retirement, the two men would form a strong friendship to collaborate on their new business ideas.


Henry Noestheden

Founder / Chocolatier

Henry came to Canada in September of 1952 as a boy of 3 years. Henry was educated through the Canadian school system and after completing high school and Teacher’s College became an elementary school teacher.

During Post Secondary Education, Henry achieved considerable distinction in the art-world by receiving a full scholarship to the Carnegie-Mellon University.

Receiving a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon, Henry would pursue his creative career in New York to develop his own intuition and design concepts. From New York, Henry moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he would partner with an Interior Architect and establish his own Fabrication facility. As an awarded designer Henry’s work was in demand and the business flourished, completing highly creative installations in major hotel chains throughout the United States and abroad.

After 27 years in the United States, Henry wound down his career to return to Canada in 2012.

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