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Chocolate is a remarkable foodstuff prepared to do wonderful things. It can be served as a hot or cold beverage, it can be made as a sauce, a cake and any number of delicious deserts. Chocolate can be soft or saucy, squishy or hard and bitter or sweet. It can be made to strike a perfect balance of sugar with cocoa to create a delicious chocolate experience for the most discriminate chocolate clients.

Dutch Boys Chocolate focus is on making chocolate BEAUTIFUL, and when you make chocolate beautiful, it must go hand-in-hand with creating the finest flavours, taste, texture and ‘mouth feel’. To accomplish this requires an intimate knowledge of chocolate where the most important ingredient is that the chocolate be hand-made. Simply put, hand-made chocolate tastes better. To develop and create the extravagant flavours and shapes of our product,  Dutch Boys Chocolate confections will always and only be hand-made. It’s simply the better way. 


3d Creations

As every artist knows, the creative process can often be a daunting one. Whether you’re writing a book, a musical score, struggling over a drawing or painting, to manifest your idea into the reality of our physical world requires dedication and determination and a lot of practice. Author Malcolm Gladwell contended that, “you need to have practiced, to have apprenticed, for 10,000 hours before you get good.” Cor Boon and Henry Noestheden, the founders of Dutch Boys Chocolate have that experience and then some.


Pouring the chocolate into a small 3D mould requires steady hands and a method  to pour the chocolate into the mould. As Dutch Boys Chocolate create virtually solid castings, we dose both halves of the mould which after closing is placed in our own design and build Rotation System to permit the chocolate to distribute throughout the entire mould interior while tempering. When the chocolate is removed from the mould it is quality inspected and packaged by hand.





our process

Frequently the most difficult aspect of the process is to come up with the idea. The rest of the process becomes mechanical and just plain good craftsmanship.

All patterns for Dutch Boys Chocolate moulds are hand carved out of wood. This creates a natural beauty with all the nuances that accompany a hand-crafted object.

Creating a 3-dimensional mould requires the making of two halves – twice the work, twice the silicone, twice the labour and twice the cost.

The pattern is coated with a carefully applied primer to seal the wood. A high quality enamel is used to create a hard, high gloss finish.

Creating a Food-Grade Silicone mould is not a complicated process but requires some dexterity, patience and a vacuum chamber. The Silicone is poured over the pattern you wish to mould and the rubber must be cured prior to use.




We take no short-cuts in creating Dutch Boys Chocolate Truffles that are already acknowledged as among the best made. We distinguish ourselves by making every single truffle by hand – one at a time! In today’s world that is not the most efficient way to make Truffles but it does happen to be the best. With more than 26 flavours, each Truffle is as distinct from the other in both appearance and taste.

The soft centre of a Truffle (Ganache) is common to all Dutch Boys Truffles. But what sets them apart one from the others is the wonderful flavours used. From an exotic Ginger to the gentle delight of Lavender, we use local Strawberries and as we are located in Ontario’s wine region we use local wines for our Wine Truffles. There is no shortage of unique flavours and during their growing seasons you will find Tomato and Corn Truffles using local sources to flavour each hand-made item. It may even be possible to find our Beer Truffles at our local craft Brewers. After quality production and inspection, our Truffles are packaged and secured in a labeled gift carton.

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